We provide Fibreglass Lining, GRP Lining, Swimming Pool Liners & Fibreglass Pools throughout the UK

Our fibreglass lining service is suitable for any application that demands a high specification, structural finish. If your existing swimming pool liners or tiled finish has failed, our grp lining will provide a cost effective, low maintenance and extremely durable solution for your fibreglass pools.

Our wet lining process ensures a strong and seamless bond with your existing pool structure and additionaly seals all cracks, joints and old repairs.

How do we do this?

Assuming your pool is structurally sound, clean and dry, we would cover the work site and undertake a thorough examination to identify any existing or potential leak points and cracks and repair as appropriate. Underwater fittings are then channelled and re-sealed with a resin filler.
With the preparation done, we lay sections of heavy duty fibreglass mat which are then saturated with poyester resin. This coarse mat is then finished with a fine tissue layer to provide a smooth finished surface. If a decorative transfer is required, this would be bonded at this stage.
The pool is then skimmed and a final clear 'flow coat' applied. This sets to an impervious, ceramic-like finish and provides a highly durable finish resistant to algae, dirt and damage.

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